Hellooooo! I'm a bit of a joker but you know that already, right?
I am Jane, the brains and beauty behind Projects By Jane.

This is me when facial hair was all the rage.

Projects By Jane started out as a blogging journal of my journey through bag-making.
I wanted to record every success, every failure, every regret.
And so I did. And that's how......
Every bag has a story!

I got better and better at making bags. So one day, I started teaching others to make bags.
In 2011 I published my first bag pattern for sale. Now I have 9 bag patterns in my shops. HERE.

By day, I make bags. By night, I also make bags.
Occasionally these bags run out of closet space and I go to craft markets to sell them.

Join me on my journey while I conquer the world,
one bag at a time.
Jane Poh